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Support This Newly Opened Local Restaurant

2nd October 2020

Opening a restaurant is a challenge. Opening a restaurant in the middle of a global pandemic is an entirely different obstacle. But that’s just what dozens of new local eateries near your The Victor apartment have done this year, defying the odds and getting creative when it comes to showcasing their culinary skill while keeping their patrons safe. We’ve all been stuck at home for quite some time so, now that things are starting to get a bit back to normal, this is the perfect time to get out and about and see how the local restaurant scene has changed.

A great place to do that is at Darnel’s Cakes, less than 10 minutes from your The Victor apartment in Old City Philadelphia. If you have a sweet tooth, this is a great new find. And, as a huge plus, it has quite a sweet mission. Owner Kyle Cuffie-Scott has spent the last five years selling his handmade goods at local farmer’s markets and, because of such demand, finally opened his first brick-and-mortar location, despite the challenges of the pandemic. To top it off, the shop aims to raise awareness of and funds for HIV/AIDS causes; the owner got his start in baking for a fundraiser in honor of his cousin, who died of HIV/AIDS complications and for whom the store is named. He plans to partner with local organizations for fundraising initiatives and to work to reduce the stigma around the disease.

While that’s plenty of reason to support the shop, the food itself is also deserving! The menu features coffee cakes, biscuits, brownies, ice cream, cakes, cookies and more. While sweets dominate the menu, it also offers lots of other options, like quiche, crab cakes, lobster roll and more. To support social distancing efforts, customers are asked to place their order online before picking it up in the shop.

If you’ve gotten weary of hitting up the same local spots, check out Darnel’s Cakes for a new way to support local businesses.

Darnel’s Cakes

444 N. Third St.

Philadelphia, PA 19123