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Celebrate Washington’s Birthday in the Birthplace of Freedom

18th February 2021

Every February, the nation remembers the life of George Washington, whose story includes deep roots in the Philadelphia area. In fact, Washington and his family lived in Old City Philadelphia for a time, just minutes from your The Victor apartment. To celebrate that connection, spend this month in which we mark both President’s Day and Washington’s birthday by learning about the man who was integral to our nation’s founding right here where it all happened.

The Museum of the American Revolution is the nation’s foremost authority on the Revolutionary War, to which Washington was vital. Located in Old City, just 10 minutes from your The Victor apartment, the venue offers an eye-opening look at history, particularly the role Philadelphia played in the founding of the nation. History lovers can get that education both in person or online, as throughout the pandemic, the museum has featured a host of virtual activities, tours and programs.

From Feb. 12-15, the museum marks President’s Day weekend with on-site and virtual celebrations. Those who visit the space in person can enjoy pop-up, 10-minute talks about various aspects of Washington’s career, during which buttons for his presidential campaign will be on display. Don’t miss the Washington’s War Tent Film, a dramatic retelling of the tent that served as Washington’s headquarters during the war—at the end of which the tent itself is unveiled. You can also learn about the many people and places that factored into Washington’s life, including his wife, servants and more in the museum’s many galleries.

If you’d rather celebrate the occasion from the comfort of your The Victor apartment, enjoy an online guided tour at 2 p.m. Feb. 14 of a replica of Washington’s famous tent by a museum historian, who will share details about Washington’s leadership during the war and his time in Philadelphia. A number of other exhibits have also gone virtual, including a retrospective on 18th century efforts to secure women the right to vote, the personal stories of slaves who lived during the war and accounts of the debates and discussions that helped lay the framework for the nation’s founding.

Whether you go in person or enjoy from home, make sure to take advantage of the exciting educational opportunities that abound near you’re the Victor apartment.

Museum of the American Revolution

101 S. Third St.

Philadelphia, PA 19106