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Here’s How to Mark Earth Day 2021 With a Sustainable Meal

21st April 2021

Every April, people around the globe come together to do their part to promote environmental sustainability. Earth Day, held this year on April 22, is an opportunity to take actions, big or small, that can help increase awareness about eco-friendliness and demonstrate a commitment to living these principles throughout the rest of the year. While large-scale community clean-ups, planting events and educational seminars are mostly sidelined this year out of safety, there are still ways you can show your appreciation for Mother Earth, all without barely leaving your The Victor apartment.

A great way to honor Earth Day is by patronizing one of the many local eateries that are committed to sustainability. One such spot is Square 1682, located less than 20 minutes from your The Victor apartment in Center City Philadelphia. The eatery specializes in modern American fare, all prepared with sustainability in mind.

The restaurant adheres to a wide range of green practices: The building itself was designed around energy consciousness. Square 1682 operates its own, on-site herb garden, cutting down on packaged products and shipped-in foods. It also uses all locally sourced produce—giving the menu the freshest taste and diners the confidence that every meal here supports local growers.

While the mission of the restaurant provides plenty of reason to check it out, the menus will have you coming back for more. From starters like duck wings to whipped burrata, the appetizers take your favorites and add a dash of sophistication. On the large plate side, dive into chicken, pork, salmon, steak and more, all dressed with homegrown spices and brimming with crisp, fresh veggies from local producers. Square 1682 also offers brunch—from lighter options like parfaits to the hearty steak and eggs.

This Earth Day, take the time to give back to those working to make our community a cleaner and greener place!

Square 1682

121 S. 17th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103