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3 Foods All Camden Locals Want You to Try

6th September 2019

While Philly might be a great place for your next food adventure, Camden is a delicious food-quest in a league of its own. From fried pizza to creamy “kind-of” water ice, Camden locals know where to find the best bites you won’t find in Philly.

The Panzarotti Spot

If you love pizza (who doesn’t?) then you haven’t lived until you’ve tried Camden’s iconic panzarotti.  Similar-to but better-than a calzone, this deep fried pizza pocket was made famous in the 1960s by the Tarantinis family whose mother served them to her 10 children. Her husband, Leopold, began selling them around the same time but only after giving them away for free to help locals love and crave their taste. It worked!

Find your Panzarotti at The Panzarotti Spot, 349 Marlton Ave, Camden.

Donkey’s Place

Philly may be the true home of the cheesesteak but anything Philly can do, New Jersey can do better. At least that’s what The New York Post alluded to when it named Camden’s own Donkey’s Place,1223 Haddon Ave., Camden, among the Best Sandwiches in America. “Hang your head in shame, Philadelphia: the best cheesesteak in the country is whipped up across the Delaware in Camden, New Jersey.” Oh, and we should probably mention, these “cheesesteaks” are served on a poppy kaiser roll. Enjoy!

Yum Yums — Yummies

Rita’s Italian Ice is great, but when you come to Camden, you’ve got to try a Yum Yum. As the creator of the original Yum Yum, Leo’s Ice Cream Company explains, “Leo’s Famous Yum Yum is like Italian Water Ice, but it isn’t. It’s like sherbet, but it isn’t. It is kind of like real Italian Gelato, but not really. It is a product that has a taste and a history all its own. If you are already a fan you know what we mean. If you have never tried it, when you do, you too will know.”

Visit Yummies, 213 W Clinton Ave., Oaklyn.