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How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo At Home

4th May 2020

Cinco de Mayo is typically a time for festive fun, full of tacos and tequilas and lots of celebrating. However, the last few months have been hard on everyone, and celebrating may be the last thing on most people’s minds. But, the occasion only comes around once a year, so why not still pay tribute in a low-key way, all without leaving your The Victor apartment?

Food is a staple of any Cinco de Mayo outing—and it can still be the primary focus this year, as many local Mexican eateries are offering take-out and delivery, including Burrito Bonito in nearby Old City Philadelphia. The shop is just 10 minutes over the bridge from your The Victor apartment, or you can opt for easy delivery so you can stay home and get working on making your margaritas to complete your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

With a meal from Burrito Bonito, your drinks will have some competition for the primary focus. As it name suggests, burritos get top billing at the restaurant. All come served on homemade flour tortillas, and you can pick from proteins that include several varieties of chicken, pork, steak, portobello barbacoa and even vegan ground beef. Add some rice and beans and then get to topping—with several varieties of cheeses, salsas, veggies and more. Tacos are a staple of most Cinco de Mayo festivities, and you can take your pick at Burrito Bonito. Served on homemade soft or hard shells, there are just as many options for stuffing your tacos as are offered for burritos—have one (or a few!) of each to sample and make sure you have plenty of leftovers. 

Cinco de Mayo may feel a bit different this year, but it’s still a time to celebrate culture, family and, of course, food!

Burrito Bonito

212 Market St.

Philadelphia, PA 19106