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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Locally

5th June 2020

As the region anxiously awaits the full reopening of all of our favorite businesses, there’s one sweet way to deal with all that stress! Takeout and delivery have become staples of all of our diets, but restaurants aren’t only serving apps and entrees—don’t forget about dessert! And there’s plenty of places to do just that right near your The Victor apartment. Since June is the host of a number of special “holidays” celebrating all things sugar—with specific days for doughnuts, chocolate ice cream, smoothies and chocolate pudding all this month—what better reason to indulge, all while supporting local businesses?

One great spot to do that locally is Shane Candies. Located in nearby Old City, just a mile over the Ben Franklin Bridge from your The Victor apartment, the retail shop itself is closed to customers but the store does offer curbside pickup and is available on delivery apps.

Shane holds the title of the nation’s oldest candy store and is fittingly located just blocks from Independence Hall, where the nation itself was born. Opened in 1863 at its current location, Shane operated for more than a century under the Shane family before coming under new ownership a decade ago. With a history as rich as Shane’s, you can trust that the menu is worth your time!

The shop specializes in craft chocolate—handmade peanut butter cups, hazelnut bars, milk and dark chocolate and much more, many of which come wrapped in packaging that pays tribute to the city’s colonial days. If you’re looking for some crunch, opt for offerings like espresso beans, almonds, cashews and walnuts, all smothered in chocolate. Fruits, gummies, nostalgic confections, cakes and much more round out the menu. Grab something to sweeten up your The Victor apartment or send Dad a Father’s Day gift to satisfy his sweet tooth and brighten his day.

We’ll all be back into the swing of things soon, but until then, take a little time to treat yourself!

Shane Candies

110 Market St.

Philadelphia, PA 19106