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Cool Off and Chill Out at This Local Ice Cream Shoppe

25th August 2020

The dog days of summer are here! Summer 2020 is shaping up to be a bit different than most, with vacation spots closed and restrictions on many of our favorite summer hangouts. If you find yourself hanging around your The Victor apartment looking for a way to beat the heat while still getting out and about for some much-needed change of scenery, take it back to childhood with a trip out for ice cream.

Caribbean Ice Cream, about two miles from your The Victor apartment, gives diners a taste of its namesake: traditional rolled ice cream. Pick your ice cream base, mix it up with lots of toppings and see the experts bring your selection to life as they handcraft your treat right in front of you! Rolled ice cream is a Caribbean staple but recently caught on here in our neck of the woods, so if you haven’t tried the dish yet, this summer is the perfect time!

All of the shop’s treats are made in-store, using the freshest ingredients. While it’s known for its ice cream, the restaurant also offers 50 different water ice flavors—so you can visit as often as you like to cool off and can always try something new. Those with a sweet tooth will definitely want to make return trips to also try options like the funnel cake, which can be topped with ice cream, fresh fruit and much more. If you really bring your appetite, you can also indulge in Churros and plenty of other Caribbean offerings.

It’s tempting to hide out in the air condition of your The Victor apartment, but with all the tasty temptations that Camden offers, chilling out can also mean getting out and enjoying the exciting offerings of our neighborhood.

Caribbean Ice Cream

2408 Federal St.

Camden, NJ 08105