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Where to Shop in Camden for Small Business Saturday

26th November 2021
Black Friday is the biggest and the craziest shopping day of the year, but with inventories low this year at most big box stores, you might have more luck at some of our local shops. Small Business Saturday is the shopping day after Black Friday and doing your shopping at small businesses can have a big impact on local communities. By keeping your money local, you’re not only helping local business thrive, you’re keeping our community vibrant and helping our planet by using less gas and logistics. The benefits are all around! Plus, everyone knows when you shop small, you usually get more unique gifts. Camden is committed to supporting small businesses and this website is great if you’re looking for stores you can support within our community. If you’re on the hunt for gifts this holiday season, here is our choice for a local store you can check out on Small Business Saturday near Camden.’ Clutter Vintage – One of the best ways to a find a unique and affordable gift is to shop vintage! Philadelphia has hundreds of vintage stores you can check out, but our side of the river has quite a few as well! Clutter Vintage in Collingswood is one of those stores. Clutter is your new destination for unique and re-imagined artifacts, home décor and furniture. Their inventory is constantly changing so they’ll have new items for you to see every time you visit. Located right in the heart of downtown Collingswood at the intersection of Haddon Ave and Collings Ave, they’re only about a 15 minute drive from the Camden Waterfront. Clutter Vintage 697 Haddon Ave Collingswood, NJ 08108