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Healthier Living in Camden for 2022

6th January 2022

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution for 2022? A new year means a new you! It may come as no surprise that the most common new year’s resolutions have to do with health. Losing weight, eating healthier, getting in better shape, even focusing on mental health are all some of the most popular resolutions we make to ourselves to change our behavior for the better in new year.

If your health is at the top of your mind in this new year, try this local Camden business for a way to create a healthier you in 2022.

Fresh Fruits and Salads – The name really says it all for this local eatery. However, they’re also well-known for their smoothies! Located just a 5 minute walk down the street from your Victor apartment, Fresh Fruits and Salads uses only Jersey Fresh Produce, and their colorful counter displays will surely entice you to start eating healthier in 2022. If walking there doesn’t sound appealing in this chilly January weather, they’ll also deliver right to your Victor apartment. Check out their menu online and make sure to order 30 minutes ahead of time!

Fresh Fruits and Salads

114 N 3rd St

Camden, NJ 08102

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