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Women’s History Month

8th March 2022

While we learn a lot about our Founding Fathers in history classes, in recent years there’s been a stronger effort to put a bigger spotlight on the role of women in the story of America. With March being Women’s History Month, we’re seeing a greater effort than ever to teach young Americans about the unsung heroines who shaped our country’s legacy. But what about the adults? It’s never too late to learn, and there are some fun local resources near your apartment that you can visit to learn more American women who shaped our history.

Here’s a local woman you may not have learned about in history class, who’s story has left a lasting legacy on our community.

Powel House – Eliza Powel, a resident of this 1765 mansion in Philadelphia’s Society Hill, was known for her intelligence and wit. The daughter and later wife of Philly mayors from the 18th century, Eliza was a premiere socialite of her day, with a strong presence in political circles of the Revolution. President George Washington counted her among his close friends, and it was Powel who convinced him to serve a second term. Women’s history at the Powel House continues into the 20th century, when the building was saved from destruction by Frances Wister, a female pioneer in the preservation movement.

Located less than 15 minutes from your Victor apartment, Powel House is a wonderful local museum to learn more about a great lady from American history.

Powel House, 244 S 3rd St #3811, Philadelphia, PA 19106