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Take Your Pic: Tour These Instagrammable Places in Philly & Camden

13th September 2022

Looking for Instagrammable places near The Victor to spice up your feed? We’ve got you covered. Here are three (actually four) of our favorite spots in Camden in Philly for Instagram  photoshoots. 

Battleship New Jersey

Depending on the vibe you’re looking for, Battleship New Jersey is a very popular spot on Instagram. Take a selfie with this massive battleship in the background and be sure to take the vessel to earn extra engagement when you post here. Learn more about Battleship New Jersey.

Ben Franklin Bridge

Walking across the Ben Franklin Bridge is practically a rite of passage for Camden residents who enjoy easy access to both Philly and Camden on a daily basis. Take a selfie as you walk across the bridge, or stand by the waterfront with the bridge as your background, either way, you’re bound to impress and earn a few likes too. Fast facts about the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Rocky at Logan Circle

Our last location on our list is a two-for-one! Head over to Logan Square and the Philadelphia Museum of Art and you’ll find not only the famous Rocky statue but also Swann Memorial Fountain.

At over eight feet tall, locals absolutely love posing with Rocky by the art museum’s steps. The sculpture was originally commissioned by Sylvester Stallone for the scene in RockyIII when the City of Philadelphia presents the statue as a tribute to the boxer. Afterward, Stallone donated the sculpture to the city. In 2007, the statue was permanently installed where it is today.