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Mural City Cellars, Blue Mountain Vineyards, More Philly Wine Bars to Try

9th August 2023

Looking for wine tastings, urban garden vineyards, or just a place to sip and listen to music? Look no further, here are three great spots for local wine in Philadelphia.

Mural City Cellars (Wine Garden)

Address: 2211 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia

Mural City Cellars showcases urban winemaking at its finest in Philly. Their Wine Garden is an enchanting retreat where visitors can sip meticulously crafted wines amidst captivating murals. Their commitment to sustainability and local sourcing makes every glass a testament to Philadelphia’s vibrant spirit. Learn more about Mural City Cellars.

Blue Mountain Vineyards

Address: 36 S 7th St, Philadelphia

Nestled in the bustling heart of Philadelphia, Blue Mountain Vineyards’ city location brings the elegance of mountain-grown wines to urban enthusiasts. With a curated selection of their finest vintages, this outpost offers a sophisticated taste of the countryside amidst the city’s vibrant backdrop. A must-visit for wine aficionados. Learn more about Blue Mountain Vineyards.

City Winery Philadelphia

Address: 990 Filbert St, Philadelphia

Situated in the heart of Philly, City Winery Philadelphia is a wine lover’s paradise, melding a concert venue, restaurant, and winery into one. Visitors can indulge in a diverse selection of locally produced wines, paired with delectable dishes, all while enjoying the city’s dynamic arts and music scene. Learn more about City Winery Philadelphia.